Feeding You My HOT Chocolate Pudding



So you’ve got a sweet tooth, huh? I’ll give you something sweet, slave… I went shopping earlier to feed you, and look, I got chocolate pudding? Don’t you want a taste? You want me to feed it to you? Mmm, I can do that… okay, got a spoonful, open wide…. Hahaha, just kidding, I eat it right in front of you instead, and be a cruel temptress as you watch me eat, groveling on the floor, begging and starving. Do you want these cookies instead? Smell how good they are, don’t you want a bite? No? You want the pudding I just ate? You’ve got some nerve, slave! I don’t have to feed you anything.

Don’t worry though, just for that, I’ll give you some real HOT chocolate pudding for you instead! Aren’t you excited? Get under me and open wide–you’re getting my special chocolate pudding straight out of my asshole! For your punishment, you get to eat what I *already* ate, slave! How do you like my sweet, chocolately treat, huh? Don’t you dare miss a bite! I’ll cram that shit right down your throat >:)

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