Feeding You My Absolutely MASSIVE Shit
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“Feeding You My Absolutely MASSIVE Shit”

SCRIPT: You’re a little pissed at me for having the audacity to call your turds “little and cute.” So you have me fly out so you can feed me your shit in person. You have me lay down and watch up close as you walk over me and peel your panties off, making me sniff your pussy and asshole, and lick you up and down. You tell me how you can feel it up there and how my meal has been cooking, and is now ready. You stick a finger in there and say you feel it. You groundhog until you can’t stand it anymore, you have to shit, and unleash it onto a plate for me. Then you show me your dirty asshole and have me lick it clean. We examine the shit together, going over its details, how amazing it smells and how delicious it’s going to be. Then you have me start eating, motivating me and spitting on the turd…

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1 review for Feeding You My Absolutely MASSIVE Shit

  1. Nicholas Cline (verified owner)

    Imagine having that incredible ass fill your mouth to the brim with that shit!

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