Feeding Time, Slave



Look at you on the floor, waiting so pitifully all day for me to come home and feed you. I didn’t feed you yesterday, either. You must be starving. I can see you’ve already made a mess in the corner of the room, like the dog you are. You must be so empty inside, just craving for mommy’s shit. Mommy’s going to give you a nice portion of shit in a bowl that you can eat out of on the floor. I’m not going to give you any spoons or forks or anything. You can just eat my shit from your bowl head first with your hands behind your back like a savage. We both know you stopped being civilized when you started eating my shit. You’re mine now, and you’re going to be eating out of my ass for the rest of your life.

I know you’re just salivating at the sound of my shit crawling out my puckering hole.

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