FARTS & Banana ASS Cream


Model : LoveRachelle2

Wow, that was quite a workout! I’m gonna stretch and wind down a bit… boy, it’s hot… wanna cool off? I don’t have ice cream in the freezer, buuut… I do have a banana and some whipped cream, I wonder what I can do with those? 😉 I tease you, spraying whipped cream all over my perky tits and my thick ass, my thighs.. and I feel some cramps coming on, Oh! I just farted, I’m sorry… OH… that turns you on..? Well, good! 🙂 Cuz I got even more farts up my ass, begging to be released! I fart and taunt you for enjoying it, wafting my scent your way as I continue having some sticky, silly fun, covering myself with slippery whipped cream, even getting my outfit all filthy, I don’t care! 🙂 I’ve always wanted to try this, and I’m having fun~

I get an idea, and try to put the whipped cream up my asshole–but the opening is too sharp for my cute little anus, oh no! 🙂 So I spray that shit all over my ass, and it feels SOO good against my skin, my pucker, and dripping down all over my pussy, the heat of it melting the cream over my cunt…. I can’t help but finger my tight little butthole, using that delicious cream as lube, and then I take out my banana… unwrapping it slowly… sucking it off for you 😉 Then, I want to try something else I’ve never done before–and shove that banana up my ass, so I can shit it out again for you, with all that cream… but my butt is too tight to get a banana inside, oh no! 🙂 I wonder if my shitter could crush a cock if it rammed its way inside? 😉 I’m determined to make you your dessert, so I SMASH that creamy banana all over and into my pucker, letting the banana bits fall and ooze out onto the floor, mixed with the taste of my gassy ass, and into a pile.. which I cover with more cream… and force you to eat >:)

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