Farting Out Turd Nuggets


Model : LoveRachelle2
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Scenario: I’m your girlfriend and you’re away, and my roommate is in the shower so I can’t use the bathroom. So in the meantime, I wanna send you a video because I feel bad that I didn’t go with you and want to give you something to jerk off to and miss me while you’re away 😉 I’m SO gassy tonight babe, farting up a storm in my booty shorts when my roommate is showering on the other side of the door, risking getting caught and teasing you for being so turned on by my stinky butthole and my shits. My farts push little poo nuggets out my ass, tee hee, did you like that, babe? Little poo farts? 🙂 I bet you wish you were here to sniff up your gassy girlfriend’s poopy butthole!

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