Fart and Shit Torture



You come over for your first ever Ass Worship session. Aren’t you excited? Let’s get started… I’ll just tie up these restraints. Don’t worry love, that’s just to keep you from being able to touch me! 🙂 And now, let’s see… these dirty panties I was wearing earlier would fit great in your mouth too, don’t you think? *chuckles* It’s okay, that’s just to keep the neighbors from hearing you! 🙂 Now then… are you ready to worship this fat ass? I hope you are, cuz I’m about to turn this truck around…

…and fart RIGHT on your FACE! Hahaha, look at you struggling beneath me, trying to get away from my gas! That’s too bad, cuz I’m SO bloated and gassy right now, I just keep launching farts right into your eyes and up your nose, and you have to smell it as you breathe in, as you gag on my panties <3 I laugh at your struggle, as you’re clearly not a fart lover, which is silly, don’t you think? ASS Worshiper? I blast you over and over again with my stinky, really nasty EGG farts, and it’s so funny watching you fight uselessly against your restraints… and I offer you a deal. If you can make yourself cum to the smell of my aroma, I’ll let you go. Think you can handle it? Alright, I’m gonna turn around again, and see if you can make good on our deal…

…but instead, I fucking lay a HUGE SHIT right on your FACE! Let’s see you cum now, loser! Aww, can’t quite get it up anymore now, can you? I guess this means you’ll just have to be tied up here, and be my fart slave forever…. 😉

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