Face Sitting While I Shit In Your Mouth



I want you down on your knees behind me and watch as I spread my cheeks, go on, kiss my butthole, baby, taste my shitter and take in all my smells. Lick it, slipping your tongue inside while I touch myself, it’s SUCH a fucking turn on that you’re plunging right in and tonguing my shit right through my tight little pucker, I love your enthusiasm for my ass, and how badly you want all that shit in there! 😉 Lay down beneath me baby, I wanna give you the real thing…

You lay down on your back and I squat over you, rubbing my butthole against your lips–wrap them around my pucker, baby, suck my hole as I start to push… As my butthole opens you feel my shit with your tongue… mmm, that’s right baby, suck my turds out of my ass! God, I fucking love how you suck on them between your teeth! I shit my whole load onto your handsome face, your mouth gaping open to catch it all as you’re fisting your cock, and I touch myself and crash over the edge, cumming on top of you with my shit clogging your throat.

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