Eat My Shit



I tell you how I like having my tits played with as I tease you, you’re only allowed to watch me as I pleasure myself, but I’ve got some yummy news, since you’ve been such a good little boy. You get to stay down on the floor and eat my shit. You’re allowed to jerk off, but you’re not allowed to cum until or unless I say so and only after you’ve gotten a mouthful.

I tease and touch myself through my tight sexy leggings and shorts, telling you what I’ve eaten before I strip down and fart right in your face and tell you how it stinks. You’re gonna be eating my shit right off an old newspaper on the floor like a dog. I shit and offer to feed it to you instead, but you’ve gotta suck those turds like the good little shit eater you are before you chew them up. Mmm, good boy, I love watching you chow my shit down… you’re still allowed to jerk off… but because I’m cruel, I ignore my earlier offer to let you cum, and opt to leave you hungry for more later. Make your master happy, dog.

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