Eat My Shit! :) Instructions



This toilet slave vid is different from most of mine–it’s very teasing and sweet, very flirtatious ?? I poop out a BEAUTIFUL turd in the container I’m gonna ship my shit in to you, and tell you everything that I want you to do with it.. I even do a little bit of it myself ?? licking my tasty shit and telling you how to really savor my shit when you get it… really take your time opening that package… peel open the lid of the container and let the poo aroma wash all over you… sniff it all over, admire the cracks and crevices… then ever so slowly drag your tongue along the length of my turd… taste that shit on your tongue… ?? keep licking and licking it, long and slow–no matter how much of an urge you might get to just eat it all, I want you to really take your time. Pick up that turd. Draw it into your mouth–and suck on it. Suck on my shit cock. Let the pieces of my shit break apart and melt in your mouth… This is a long and slow toilet slavery instruction, and you’re going to love it. Once you try my shit, you’ll be begging for more…

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