Eat My Shit How I Tell You



You ready to do what I fucking tell you? You better, if you ever want me to play with you again. Today isn’t about being gentle, slave. I want you to work for the right to eat my shit. You’re going to be my toy, my plaything, to humiliate and order around. I’m going to break you. And I know you won’t say no, cuz you’re so desperate for a girl to shit for you, aren’t you, slave? And not only that, but you can’t say no to a hot girl with a plump bubble butt like mine, ready to erupt with shit now, can you? Haha, of course not… now behold my giant load, shit as it bursts right out my ass, and take a deep breath, cuz first I’m gonna SMOTHER you, breathe in my dirty hole and lick it clean, slave! Serve me well or you’ll die under this ass!

Good slave, now pay attention, I’m going to tell you EXACTLY how you’re going to play with, jerk off to and eat my shit!

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