Eat My Shit: Blackmail


Model : LoveRachelle2

Wakey wakey ?? Oh, surprised? How do you like being tied up? I bet this was the last thing you expected when you tried to roofie me last night, you sick, desperate fuck. How do you like the fact that I got you trying to roofie me on camera? Want me to upload it to Facebook right now? That’s right, keep your mouth shut, loser. Look up at me from my throne… and smell my ass through my panties. Go on, stick your nose right in there. You like my panty shit stains? Yeah, I bet you do. Huff them up. Your ass is MINE, now. You’re a predator, you’re a worm, you’re a *monster*, and above all else, you’re a pathetic pihece of shit, to try and drug girls so you can have your way with them–and if you are what you eat, then we better make sure the saying is *accurate*, shouldn’t we? Open your fucking mouth, pussy, and smile for the camera. You are going to eat ALL of my shit, or I’m gonna release these pics with you covered in my huge, thick, stinky load all over your FACE!

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