Eat It ALL



Excited to eat my shit again, are you? 😉 You’re in luck, I’m holding in a nice big turd right now… but you know me, I love to tease! Watch me strip down and sway and thrust my ass in your face–sniff it, sniff how stinky I am through my panties. Now lick that stinky slit through the fabric… I push them aside–beg me to shit in your mouth with your tongue… come on, tongue-punch my shitter… get your tongue deep in there when I wink my hole at you… Mmm, are you ready? <3 I can barely hold on any longer..and moan as I release my load on the kitchen floor… I show it off to you, telling you how I want you to eat every little bit of my hot steamy shit.

*Pardon the light bruises on my butt/thighs, I’m afraid I had a super active weekend ;)*

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