Eat All My Goliath TURD, Little Toilet…



Hi there. So, you’ve liked my videos so much, you’ve decided you want to eat my poop. Ha ha ha, you’re a naughty boy aren’t you? You want my turd in your mouth? You want to taste me? I tell you everything I’ve eaten lately, and how flavorful my shit is going to be for you when you eat it. I know you want to have my poop inside you, don’t you. Oh, you like it when I blast farts in your face too, huh? *chuckles* Well, you are going to get your wish, you lucky boy.

I love giving birth to big turds for dirty boys like you. You want to be my turd’s daddy? Ooh, it’s so big, I think I’ll call it “Goliath” 😉 I want you to lick and suck it all over, and cum hard with my shit in your mouth. You know you wanna eat it. You lucky little toilet, you’re actually going to get to eat it. You are going to finally be my shit slave. And if anyone ever knew you liked to eat a pretty girl’s shit they would think you are bad, and dirty, and gross. But I understand. In fact… I love it 😉

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