Eat All My Catholic Schoolgirl Shit!



Caught you spying on us cute little Catholic school girls while we were changing again… time for your punishment! You know why you’re bound and gagged under my throne, and why you deserve this. Time to open wide, and repent for your sins, mother fucker. Oh, don’t cry-don’t even pretend to protest–your hard cock isn’t lying about how you feel, is it? That’s right, pump your cock for me while I shit a huge load in your mouth… feel all that shit melting and sliding down your throat… and cum with me when I count down to 1, when you’ve finished eating…

*lowered price because I apparently sat in something small and it stuck to the back of my thighs without my realizing when I shot this.. don’t worry tho, you’ll only be able to see (and smell) my ass soon enough 😉

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