Don’t You Love My Gassy Shits?



You like my ass? You love the sound of it blowing out all these loud nasty farts? C’mon, smell em as I blast them your way, can you smell the shit that’s just waiting inside to push out? Let me poop your “gift” out, so you can REALLY get a nose full! Mmm, just look at that beautiful, multi-colored, giant turd…doesn’t it look delicious, slave? Yum. I wipe my filthy ass with some toilet paper… wow, look at how messy it is! I prepare your “present” for you, it BARELY fits in its plastic container, before I mail it to you! I fart onto the poop-filled container, teasing you… and telling you how much I *love* that you’re going to eat all my shit, and that you *better* tell me *exactly how* you enjoyed yourself with my shit… the way it smelled, tasted… feels against your tongue, going down your throat, how it feels on your cock… I absolutely LOVE that my shit feeds so many hungry mouths, right out of my hot, plump bubble butt, and I *adore* hearing how much fun all my slaves are having with my special chocolate… so make sure to tell me how much you enjoy mine, slave…if you ever want me to feed you again… 😉

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