A winter weekend in a pretty town, somewhere in Southern France…
Ordinary? Uh 🤣🤣

Not quite ! Do you often have your liquid caviar tasted by a human WC?
Because I can tell you right away that the final scene is the filthiest in our little film. You’ll rarely see stuff this hard in a scat film.
Mmmm where was I ?

So the weekend. It was our first film, the set was pretty. But we had some setbacks during the filming…

💕 For example making me climb next to the kitchen sink! Original perhaps, but finding my balance was tricky- just try to focus on your piss under these conditions !
💕 The shower scene? Total improv ! An emergency : just enough time to pick up our phones. Fine, how do we the lighting? Yep : one in torch mode and one in camera mode. Acrobatics again!
My toilet thought the shooting would be useless. But… he had a rhythmic idea to exploit my anal explosion. If you like percussion you will like that scene !

💕And then that famous Sunday morning gore scene…. My Toilet’s passion for what comes out of me is quite impressive. Not to be reproduced at home! Otherwise watch out for the back wall looool 😉
It was a stone wall – not a washable plasterboard… But we managed to clean it, rest assured.

So here it is: first movie 🤪🤪. A unique experience !
And we share all this with you pigs 🐖. Lucky guys!!

PS: yes we will do more. The hardest part is done, as always it is getting started that requires the most work. So see you very soon 💕💕

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