Desperate Farts and Shit


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So I’m desperate to shit and I’ve just hired this plumber guy to fix my toilet, but he’s too busy messing around on his phone to actually fix anything! And I’m just clutching my stomach and trying my best not to fart but failing, and I scold him and call this guy out for not getting right to work, and tell him how badly I need to go–but he keeps stalling and finally I can’t take it anymore, I call this guy right on his shit and then I fart REAL loud–and spot, oh my god, this plumber dude is actually HARD! He’s fucking getting off to me squirming and farting, and needing to take a shit! He actually WANTS to see me shit! What a fucking perv! I can’t believe this crap–and, I can’t believe that, I’m… I’m actually kind of turned on by it? Of course I can’t fully accept that, I mean… this is so dirty! So I play mean and hard to get, like yeah, I KINDA want to shit for this guy now that I know it turns him on, but dammit, he’s still an asshole for forcing me..

I can’t hold it in anymore, by this point I’m just SEETHING to shit and can’t stop farting. I pull down my panties and shit right in front of him, telling him to pull his cock out of his pants and jerk off to me, if he’s so into it. I shit, right onto the floor–and fart so fucking loud I feel like it’s tearing me a new asshole. I’m surprised the guy didn’t cum right then and there. So I make him clean my asshole with my tongue, since he made me shit, might as well clean me–and tell him he can jerk off harder/faster than that, and that I want him to cum with me as I flick my clit with his tongue in my ass… and I fucking cum, standing over him while he jerks off and cums on my pile of shit. I have a feeling I’ll be having more “plumbing” issues soon, and will have to call again… 😉

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