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I LOVE making Custom CassieScat video 🙂 But I also love to read scripts or do some dirty talk in Audio Only formats for you too!

I specialize in EFRO, Pantypooping, Desperation/accidents, Roleplay, and of course, Toilet slave eating instructions 🙂


I have been making custom scat fetish videos since 2016. I’m one of the best! I am constantly shipping and making custom videos and I only can poop so many times! My prices reflect this. Less established models with more time can provide lower prices so please don’t ask.

  • 1080p quality
  • good lighting and audio
  • compact enough file sizes to be viewed on mobile for your private time (i get it)
  • All prices are in USD


I will not:

  • show full face
  • include other people
  • include animals
  • smear on pussy, face or hair
  • vomit
  • demean any race, nationality or religion
  • anything illegal, come on guys!
  • videos under 5 minutes! How Boring and Uninspired!
  • shaving off my bush. I just hate how it looks haha. I’ll trim some at most


Base Price for Audio only:

  • 5-10 minnutes (10 min = ~1500 words): 100

Base Price for Videos:

  • 5-7 minutes: 150
  • 8-12 minutes: 200
  • 12-15 minutes: 250
  • 15-25 minutes plus: 300


  • Light smearing (some on butt, hands, feet, legs): +100
  • Heavy Smearing (lots in many places!): +150
  • Tasting (no swallowing, small amounts): +100
  • Eating (with swallowing, up to a golf ball sized amount): +200
  • Pantypooping or Pooping in Pantyhose: +100
  • Diaper Messing: +150
  • Public: (ask for prices, starting at +200)
  • Poop on clothes: (ask for prices, starting at +100)

Free Add-ons:

  • Saying your name! I can always edit it out for publishing later
  • Dirty talk. No need for a script, I am a master ;P
  • Keywords. Prefer ‘poop’ to ‘shit’? Let me know
  • Roleplay. Give me your idea and I’ll have fun
  • Showing off my feet and painting my toenails for the clip
  • Lipstick and basic outfits. I won’t buy new clothes but you can for me!

Message me!

Let’s get your Custom CassieScat Video started 🙂


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