CRAWL To Me, PIG… and Eat SHIT



On the floor, PIG. And crawl towards me–UNDER me, where you belong. It’s time for your meal.. and you must be starving, I bet! After all, I only feed you about every two days lately, don’t I? You must be absolutely famished for my hot, steamy loads of “chocolate”! Get under your Mistress’s throne where you belong–under this thick, juicy ass you don’t even deserve to see–and take “care” of my waste for me. Thank me for the opportunity, for my even bothering with you, and for this stinky, smelly bounty. Keep your jaw open–wide open, I don’t care if it aches–be EVER ready for my shit to fall in your mouth–I want your mouth so wide that when I shit it falls down your throat! And you will swallow, and chew, and chew and chew my shit until you’re filled with me, your stomach bursting full from my shit like the pig you are!

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