Constipated Toilet Shitting in the Office Bathroom


Model : CassieScat
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It’s a busy day at the office, and I’m struggling to find time for a toilet break. After holding it in for way too long, I finally manage to get to the bathroom for an overdue pee. But holding my poop in for so long has made me constipated. I strain as hard as I can, but I can’t push it out before my stupid boss interrupts me to remind me we’re having another meeting.

I get back to work, but struggle to focus as the turd starts pushing its way out again. I’m finally ready to take another trip to the bathroom. This time I strip off all my clothes except for my stockings, massage my tummy and try to relax. After some straining, I show you a close-up of my asshole as I push out a few little turds. I then take a squat position on the toilet and FINALLY I’m able to push out the rest of the poop, however I barely get time to wipe my ass before my boss is pestering me outside the stall again. All that stress just to take a fucking shit!

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