Close up pantypoop and cum



I’m so horny right now! I really need to cum! And I want you to watch me!
So I placed the camera very close for you to see every movement, every drop, every thing going on in close up!

I start rubbing my clit through the laced panties and show you my pussy and asshole. I tease that too.
Then I release a long and warm stream of piss which it turns me on even more!
I also need to shit! And I know it’s gonna be the perfect texture for this!
So I push a soft and creamy turd out, that pops out on the sides.
This arouses me sooo much! And I start playing with it on my ass and my pussy.
This is all so intense and feels so good that I can’t resist anymore and I cum!

I’d have liked to have you in front of me instead of the camera, but that’s ok.
Hope you’ll enjoy as much as I did!

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