Clean Up After Me… Or Else



(POV of toilet victim) You and I are strangers in a supply room in a huge office building, you’re really popular at work and have a flawless reputation. I’m just an office worker from some other company… after hours while we’re both on errands to grab something/check on the supply room, the door locks from the outside, trapping us in. We can’t get out, and you comment that maybe we could get out if my arm wasn’t broken and could shoulder-smash our way out the door….so it’s been several hours and no one has rescued us…and after a few more hours….( you had a really big lunch yesterday) you realize you need a toilet…

You try to think of someway to do it, and eventually you decide me ”disposing of it” is the only way to keep from the embarrassment that would come from having our rescuers see it in the supply room…’re really sorry at first….and you don’t want torture me… You try to comfort me…telling me ”you won’t die from this…you might get sick…but you won’t die” then as I beg you not to do this…you get more forceful and crazy. I’m totally forced into consuming your feces and you refuse to let me puke it back up. At the end…. you show the key–revealing that you locked us both in here on purpose, and you tell me that you were joking about me not dying,, and now that I’ve eaten your shit….there’s no way you’re going to let me live…

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