Chocolate Shit Cookie Sandwiches (Singles)
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Model : LoveRachelle2

These soft, chocolate chip cookie sandwiches are filled with 100% creamy shit from yours truly!

Each order contains one Chocolate Shit Cookie Sandwich! (Note that vacuum sealing the cookie shit sandwiches compresses them–the ones in the photos are how they look before compression)

AVERAGE wait time before shipping is 3 weeks–I send you tracking once it’s shipped! 😊

Purchases are shipped in the order they’re received and come with a FREE generic video on how I make cookies! USA/CANADA ONLY!

Health Disclaimer

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1 review for Chocolate Shit Cookie Sandwiches (Singles)

  1. RobG (verified owner)

    I just took Mistress Rachelle’s chocolate shit cookie sandwich out of my refrigerator and let it warm up to room temperature, and did the same with a glass of Her first in the morning Pee.
    I need to say “move over Chips Ahoy, you pale in comparison; the same with you Oreos your filling doesn’t in any way compare.”
    I took one bit and realized how sweet and delicious Rachelle’s “filling” is that I took the cookie sandwich apart so I could eat the filling straight. This is the first time I had her scat raw ( I’m a first time customer, but who will repeat often, and had her Blueberry Butt Muffin earlier. Please read that review). Then I finished eating the cookies to make sure I ate every bit of Her poop. The pee was the perfect drink to wash the treat down with.

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