Catholic Schoolgirl Shits A HUGE Turd!


Model : LoveRachelle2

Our Catholic school is having us take a field trip and we’re at a guest house–and the toilet is broken! No water and the handle is broken! I’m so pissed and desperate–I have to go SO BAD! I can’t hold it in anymore, and for good measure, I decide to shit on TOP of the toilet seat–see how they like it! It’s not like they’ll be able to figure out it was me, anyway. I lay a HUGE, LONG, footlong turd across the seat. It’s quite a rush to do something SO wrong, but they asked for it! I wipe my ass and pull my thong back on… If my school knew what a foul mouthed, loose and filthy girl I really was, I’d be kicked out in an instant!

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