Catholic Schoolgirl SHARTS!


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I’m about to leave for school, but I’m SUPER gassy! Oow, my belly hurts! I’m stressed out, cuz I’m gonna be late, but I can’t go to school when I’m this gassy~! I panic and start farting, and before I know it I’m blasting off huge farts in my clean white panties and even staining them! I pull them down, let out some big nasty farts–and my farts launch little poop nuggets right out my butthole and onto the floor! Oh my goodness!! I cannot BELIEVE this is happening, what a nightmare! I don’t have time to clean up… Ugh, and they STINK, too! Smells like bad eggs >_< I fart and fart and fart until I just can’t take it anymore–I HAVE to go to school! I put my fart stained panties back on, and plan to blame the turds on the floor on the dog when I get back home…I just hope my gas dies down before class starts! It’s hard to stay hopeful when I’m still farting on my way out the door…!

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