Catholic Schoolgirl Fart Punishment


Model : LoveRachelle2

Ooh, boy. Another perv. Time for my favorite pastime: a round of humiliating blackmail <3 We saw you peeping on us girls, and I took a vid to prove it. Now you’re going to do everything I say or I’ll report you to the authorities. Ready….? Now sit still, as I turn around, bend over… and fart right in your face over and over again! You like the smell of my farts, pervert? Ooh, aren’t they stinky?! Huff them all, you’re not allowed to turn away or hold your breath. Sniff them up! I don’t care if you suffocate. In fact, you’re not even allowed to complain. I’m going easy on you. I fart and fart until I feel my butt getting full, and pull down my panties–showing you my dirty pussy, I made sure to leave little toilet paper bits to humiliate you even more ?? I laugh and push out little turds and blow sharts right at you! I can’t help but laugh–you brought this on yourself! You know what? I’m upping the ante on this. It’s not good enough that all those little Catholic poops of mine are wasted like that–pick them up, and give yourself a shit mustache. Go on, wipe my poop on your upper lip! xD How’s THAT smell? Hahaha, fucking loser! Enjoy the stink of my shit while I keep blasting hot smelly farts all over your face!

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