Candle Shit


Model : PulsiferPaprocki
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I had so much fun making this video! I had to leave for jiujitsu in about 15 minutes so I was in a hurry, but I wanted to do something fun. So, I decided to shit into a jar candle. I light the two wicks and squatted above it… the first flame was instantly snuffed out by my  thick, dense, turd. But the second one stayed lit until the jar filled with shit and all the oxygen was used up. I was shocked at how MASSIVE this turd was, so of course I had to weigh it. When I dumped it out of the jar… OMG this fucker is huge! It weighed in at 1 pound and .4 ounces. Not a record, but damn close!! You also get a close up shot of my clit and inner labia from the top angle I shot (it makes it look real big and I gobble like a turkey!!). As always, I hope to make you both laugh and cum in this video!!
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