Bury Your FACE In My TURDS



Look at you, waiting for me on the kitchen floor with your mouth wide open with no dignity, just begging for your meal like a dog… you must be really hungry for your Mistress to feed you, huh slave? You wave your tongue towards me, begging for me to drop a load and let you feed off my bodily waste… I tease you–even though I have to shit, what if I decide to hold it in even longer, and not even feed it to you? Hahaha, don’t worry little toilet, I won’t be that cruel to you… but you better stay out of my way today, slave, as I have lots to do, and I’ll need you to take care of me… by eating up after my huge bowel movement~

I shit a HUGE load onto your plate and command you to eat it all–bury your face in my shit, slave. I want you to suffocate on my turds! I want your whole face caked–the next time I turn around to speak to you, I had better not even be able to see your eyes–I want them covered, I want your nose clogged and your throat stuffed with my shit! You can do better than that, can’t you slave? You better not disappoint me, toilet, or I’ll never feed you again!

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