Boyfriend POV, Constipated on the Toilet


Model : CassieScat
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In this video you’re my boyfriend, and you’re cooking has caused me to be constipated for days. It’s gotten so bad I’m tempted to try laxatives, but I’ve never used them before so I decide to try them out on you first – this is your fault after all!

So I grind up a laxative pill and put it in your morning coffee. I let you know it’s going to make you desperate to shit before you drink it, and you agree to be my test subject.

I go to the bathroom to have another go at relieving my constipation. After a little pee, it feels like I might finally be able to poop this time. Then I’m interrupted by you urgently knocking on the door, begging me to let you use the toilet – the laxative I gave you is working! But after several days of not being able to shit, I’m finally pooping. So no way am I letting you ruin this! At first you don’t believe me so I stand up and show you the poop coming out of my ass. You beg me to please let you use the toilet, but you’re unable to hold it in. I watch you shit your pants right in front of me.

After making fun of your accident, I wipe and then let you see my fresh poop in the toilet before I flush it away.

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