Bouncy Yoga Ball Farts & Sharts!


Model : LoveRachelle2
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I take my yoga ball out of storage, it’s all blown up and I’m just goofing off, bouncing up and down on it wearing a tight shirt and my big butt is framed in some naughty black, lacy cheekies. You get to watch from behind as this booty bounces up and down ?? Before I know it the gassy feeling I was having earlier starts to head down south, uh oh! Is this bouncy ball gonna make me fart? Before I know it I’m farting and SHARTING all over this yoga ball, often farting with each bounce. I laugh and waft the smell over to you, and have you inspect my sharts. Look at them, perv ?? You like that? I bounce and fart and fart until I have nothing left, my butt is smeared in shart juices and so is my yoga ball! I think it’s time for you to clean me and lick this ball clean, loser! ??

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