Bored Schoolgirl Takes a Shit



*Original Upload Date: 10/23/2019*

I’ve just come home from adultschool and I need to take a dump really bad! But it’s boring just to do it in the toilet. That’s why I keep a slave around! I have to find ways to keep myself entertained, so today I thought it would be funny to blindfold and tape my slave’s mouth shut and tease him by smothering him in my ass and facesitting while I work up my poop. He doesn’t even deserve to see my asshole. And despite being hungry, today he is not even going to be fed. I just want to shit on his face and leave it there while he suffers in the stench and craves the flavor from being deprived of meals. A chunky shit covers his face while I laugh at him and pick up the camera to show off my work. The ultimate denial for a toilet is the thing he exists to consume.

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