Bloody Period Panty Stuffing


Model : LoveRachelle2

I give you a strip tease while telling you how badly I’m cramping lately, and offer to show you how I like to enjoy myself when I’m on my period…. I show you my stained panties and tell you how men can smell my period on me in public, and how they must enjoy my natural, heady musk when I’m riding my cycle… afterall… being on my period makes me feel really, really horny…. I describe how the dull ache inside my cunt feels when I’m bleeding and how my body is begging for me to play with it… I take off my dirty panties and show you how I “do” my period–with a diva cup, pulling it out and pouring all the blood in it all over my pussy, drenching it in my blood. I suck some off my fingers…. my blood tastes super coppery, delicious. I stuff my panties inside my bloody snatch, completely covering them in my blood… then slowly pull them out of my tight pussy, gasping at the sensation… I show you the ruined pair, and tell you to wear them while you clean me up with your tongue 😉 Ready?

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