Bloated Brat’s Brutal Bedtime! Constipated Kiki





OMG, I fucking LOVE Christmas time! I’ve been eating cheesecake and cookies and pies and huge turkey dinners and just SOOO much yummy food! Look at how thick and bloated I am! I’ve definitely gained some holiday weight! 🤭

My juicy booty is going to be the END of you tonight, slave! GOD I’m so gassy and bloated and I have to shit sooooo bad! But it just won’t come out. I haven’t gone in DAYS, and my farts smell like it! Holllly fuck it’s beyond nasty!!! 😩

It’s a good thing Veronica trained you the other night. This is going to be hell for you, babe! Jesus look at that shit going in and out of my asshole over and over again, buttering your stupid little nose! Talk about a shitty game of peekaboo! Ughhh it’s like right there, too! You’re just gonna have to smell it until I can get it out. Sorrrrrrrry loser!

FUCK that stinks SOOO bad! Stop puking, dumb dumb! You know you just have to swallow it! Ewww, gross!!! I can hear you throwing up in your mouth! That must suck so bad for you!!! Hahahaha! 😈

Mmm, you’re going to eat all my shit and sniff these putrid 4 day bottled up farts ALL NIGHT LONG slaveboy! Be a good fart huffing mattress and shut the fuck up. I’m trying to sleep! Ohh, and sorry about my shitty buttcrack and sleep farts. Have fun with that for the next 10 hours. Nighty night baaaaaby! Stinky dreams!!! 😘

My nastiest shit yet! When this session was over it seriously took HOURS to air out the room!!! 🤮🤮🤮

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