Blackmailed! Forced To Shit & Sniff For Pervert


Model : LoveRachelle2
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Script: 20 minutes long. This would pick up where the creepy uncle in the bathroom video you did a while back leaves off. He’s blackmailed you back to his house. This time he wants to smell more. You’ll walk into the bathroom and pickup a piece of paper on the counter that has your list of ”demands” that you must meet or he’ll release the previous video of you pooping that he secretly filmed. You have an overwhelming sense of disgust that you have to put up with this again and that you continue to be blackmailed. But you have to obey. He wants to smell all of you. You’ll go down the list with closeups of your armpits, breasts, pussy, feet and eventually ass. Each time, give the camera a nice 10-15 second closeup, as if he’s right there sniffing each body part. The whole time, talk about how gross it smells and how disgusting he is for liking this. Now it’s time to poop again for him. But unlike last time, you have to sit there and watch him masturbate after you’ve pooped. You have to get up close to it and sniff it and talk about how gross it smells while you watch him jerk off. You’re humiliated and embarrassed and you keep talking about how bad it smells and how you can’t believe this is arousing. You beg him to finish so you can just leave. After he cums, you’re excused. But you also know this is the only the beginning. Really sell the humiliation, the disgusting smells and the shame and embarrassment you feel having to watch him (well, let’s be honest, me) masturbate while you are forced to sniff your own poop.

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