Blackmail Ex-Boyfriend Into My Toilet Slave


Model : Scatsy
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Script: An ex girlfriend is blackmailing me at a party in her house when everyone else has left. I must be an idiot for trying to crash her party. She’s fed up and say she will tell everyone my secrets if I don’t do exactly what she tells me too. She says she is going to make me her personal toilet for the rest of my life. And it will start now. She she is pushing out her shit, she tells me she is going to blow my mouth up like a shit balloon. Her giant log oozing its way into every part of my mouth. Teeth caked in her shit. Mouth completely stuffed. Then she says what am I waiting for, start chewing her shit. While chewing she spits into my mouth and tells me to mix the spit in with my tongue and chew more and more. She says she will renew this smell and taste every day, forcing me to stay as her toilet slave. Then she instructs me to swallow her shit and spit. Then she tells me to push the rest of her shit into my mouth that came out, gives chewing instructions while spitting in, and a final swallow instruction. Cruel, mean, and just what I deserve!

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