Auntie Blasting Your Face With Hot Farts!


Model : LoveRachelle2

Sequel to Auntie’s Gas Chamber ?? SCRIPT: The story is that we have not seen each other since our last encounter. But now there is a family gathering at your place, and we just happen to find each other alone for a bit. You ask how your favorite nephew has been and we chat about normal things at first. Eventually you let out a fart, and you just smile and giggle about it knowing that I loved it. I decide to be bold and ask if I can smell some. You don’t think its the best idea since the family is around and any of them could walk in any second and you don’t really want my mom seeing her sister farting in her nephews face. However I am able to convince you to do it and that we won’t get caught, although the thought of it is exciting. Before we get started, you take a quick look around just to be sure no one is nearby and then you instruct me to get on my knees. You turn around, put that incredible jean clad ass in my face and let it rip. Eventually, I convince you to do some bare ass farts in my face. You take another quick look around before undoing your jeans and pulling the back of them down just past your butt. You blast me with a bunch and you are really starting to get into it. Finally we hear someone coming so we have to call it quits for now. In the last scene, I am up off me knees and you have turned to face me with a big smile on your face as you do up your jeans. You say, “it’s been nice catching up with you, but I think you should take care of that before we get back to the party.” You point down towards my erection and comment you can’t believe how hard your farts make me ??

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