Anita_K’s CUSTOM vids for you


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Model : Anita_K
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Anita_K’s custom vids for you! I love reading lovely creative scripts and follow them to the letter (unless you ask for something I really don’t do, but even there we can try work something out!). You’re in charge of the monologue/dialogue, my outfit and the scene. I want you to be horny and satisfied! 😏😘

5 minutes poop and/or pee clip: 60€

Pantypoop, ABDL, Smearing, Desperation, EFRO, JOI/dirty talk, feet, scat masturbation : 15€/minute


-Male partner: +20€

-Outdoor: +20€

-Poop tasting (NO swallowing): +20€


-Swallow poop

-Smear it on face and hair


Thanks for using Anita_K’s custom vids to make a special video for you, babe! 🍑💩