All A Toilet Gets to Eat is My Shit!



Get down on your knees. Crawl to my ass, slave. Now, why have you come here? Were you hoping to be rewarded? Wrong–you’ve been a BAD toilet, and I need to punish you. Under my throne NOW, you little worm, watch closely as I show off my cute tits, thick ass and sexy hairy armpits, showing off everything I have that you can’t. I tell you you’re only good for my waste, as I spit in your face. Now open wide, toilet, and take this HUGE load of shit down your THROAT! You’ll have to climb up through my pile of shit to worship and clean my shitty hole with your tongue, too, won’t you slave? That’s right, tongue-fuck my poopy butthole, clean me out from the inside. Smear my huge load, toilet, make a big mess of yourself as you to jerk off while eating my shit–I’ll even allow you to cum–as long as you eat ALL my smeared shit, too. Don’t fail to amuse your Mistress, toilet! Eat it all.

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