A Loser Like You Needs Instructions


Model : LoveRachelle2

The fact that someone as supremely disappointing as you makes me want to gag at my disgust at this very world. You’re so pathetic it’s any wonder you’ve managed to survive long enough just to crawl to me, at my feet where you belong. You’re the WORST sort of person with this scat fetish… the type that wants to break the ice, but is so insecure they can’t do it without me holding their hand! And even worse, you don’t even want MY shit… you want your OWN! Ugh! I can’t believe you came to me begging for instructions on what to do with your OWN poop. Like, it’s YOURS. You’re so pitiful! Because you are SO pitiful and pathetic, and can’t even bring yourself to play with your own scat like you really want to, deep down, because you’re so scared, I’ll ORDER you and just take care of it! Leave the instructions to me, loser. Take this laxative, and listen as I tell you every single step you’re going to take with your own shit, to lose your scat virginity! Hang onto that cup though, you’re going to need it… 😉 **(VERBAL INSTRUCTION ONLY, no pooping/farting from me. It’s on YOU! Now follow along with your OWN shit to play along 😉 Or just watch while jerking off with your coward tears, wishing you had the guts to obey my command!)

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