(40 minutes PREMIUM) 3 enema chugging scenes, SMALL



(Fair warning, I have not showered for 5 days in the first scene. My fat pussy is thick with cream between the lips) I get a small-sized enema where not a lot of solid comes out. I still make my slave drink down my brown water 🙂

I have been using one of those blue enema pears for a few months, and I find that even when inserted multiple times, there is never enough water. So I got a brand new bag, and I use it for the next 2 scenes.

The second scene, he receives a medium-sized enema. Again not much solid here. He chugs down all that brown water quickly :3

In the third scene, finally, a massive amount of poop came out with the enema. I feel like it really got everything that had been stuck in there this time. THIS IS THE BIGGEST, NASTIEST ENEMA I EVER GOT, and lucky for me, I had it in a funnel connected to my subs mouth. My slave was a bit panicked, but he knew he had to be a good boy and worked hard to swallow.


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