4 DAYS Held Poop Released into the Sink



Cassie tells you she’s really desperate to take a dump, like 4 days holding it in type of desperate. The thing is she wants to pee but doesn’t want to poo right away even if she feels it’s close to come out because she loves to hold it in.

She sits on the toilet, show you her ass & pussy so you can see pee falling out. She then shows her belly while rubbing it, she’s definitely bloated right now. She’s pregnant of a big warm dump. She shows you her asshole in a close-up view and tells you she’ll try to hold it for two more hours.

In a new bathroom later, she is up on the bathroom counter sinking with her asshole aimed right at the sink. Cassie is lifting her ass, arching her back & spreading her ass cheeks. Not too long before you see a long, fat, smooth turd coils its way into the sink bowl. Wow. That was a long piece of shit, slowly coming out of her ass. All of it while hearing her sexy moans.

Several turds fall off of Cassie butthole. When she’s done she takes the cam and show you the mess she made while keep pushing, winking and pulsing her dirtied asshole. You can also see her after front the front, with her legs dangling down as she is seated naughtily making a huge mess when there is a toilet right there next to her!

The turd is shown in the white porcelain sink in a small puddle of piss that is quickly browning from the stinking load.

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